About Us

Dear guests
We don’t want to bore you with dry facts, but rather give you an understanding of our philosophy thanks to the narrative voice of one of our employees. You will get to know us a little and we can welcome you to our house:
“Oria, a woman with a sunny spirit and eyes as blue as the sky, was born on Christmas Day in Basel by Italian parents and was also raised there.
Marcello (or officially Marcellino), a man of elegance and great precision, was born in Valposchiavo, but left it at a very young age to gain learning and working experience in various places in Switzerland.
And it was within the walls of the hotel management school in Lausanne where the two met for the first time. The years passed and each one made his own way in different areas. But then they met again, shared their knowledge and skills and from then on, successfully applied them together in different restaurant businesses.
Meanwhile they have become the Gervasi couple and are back in Valposchiavo, where they welcomed thousands of guests with great passion. After seven years, however, they decided to start a new adventure and put their hotel experience to good use in nearby Bergell.
And so, the Hotel Maloja Kulm, owned by the Zavaritt family, becomes the ideal place for the Gervasi couple, where you will now be the protagonists.
Indeed, because here you can breathe the fresh air and feel at home even when you are on holiday, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the new manager.
Oria will always be ready to welcome you with an inspiring smile and great passion. Her cheerfulness will be felt in the various rooms of the hotel and will fill your stay with good humour.
If you then look for Marcello, you will surely find him in the restaurant or at the kiosk, where he checks the tables and the kitchen and ensures that you are pampered. He will be happy to share his knowledge of the cuisine and the region with you and you will certainly discover many new things.
Those who know the Gervasi couple and have already had the opportunity to be pampered by them will agree with me when I say that their enthusiasm, harmony and support can be felt in all the staff.
Let us seduce you – we are waiting for you…”

The narrative voice for
Oria & Marcello Gervasi
and all employees